Former Infosys CFO Mohandas Pai said that Indian IT companies could sack 30-40 thousand people this year if the condition of the economy does not improve. He said that IT companies are maturing every five years, so many people are not able to justify their salary, and their job is lost.

40 thousand people can go to the IT sector: Mohandas Pai
40 thousand people can go to the IT sector: Mohandas Pai

This is the alarm bell on the issue of Bengaluru's employment. Former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Infosys Mohandas Pai said that if the slowdown in the economy persists, then Indian IT companies could sack around 30-40 thousand people this year. He said that after every five years in the IT industry, thousands of people get jobs like this.

Middle-level employees are more prone to job loss,

Pai said that when an industry matures, many people working at the middle level are not able to add value to the company according to their salary. This is the reason that when an industry matures in every sector. In every country, a lot of people have to lose their jobs.

He said that when an industry is developing, promotion is also available and salary also increases. The company does not make any difference to it, but when the growth of the company stops. Then the management has to revisit its pyramid. In this situation, the middle and upper-level employees who get more salary than they need, they are forced to lose their jobs and lose their jobs.

Such a situation will come after every five years - Pai.

Pai even said that due to the changes in the industry, this situation comes after every five years. If someone gets a hefty salary, he has to contribute accordingly. It may have to lose his job if it falls behind. At the same time, he also said that the people who will get jobs in the IT sector will also have other opportunities, but for this, they have to keep themselves updated with the times.

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